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Unique Designs For Unique Projects.

Every brand is a masterpiece with a story to tell.

Custom design explores the relationship between ideas, and visuals to solidify your story at a glance.


Custom pricing for your custom project based on your specific needs.


Payments in your local currency may also be available!


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About Logoest

Logoest Roots

Logoest is an extension of Rainheart Designs, a creative organization founded by artist/designer Ameshin.

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Standard Design Process:

The process for logos in the standard logo package are done with concept design sheets.


The logo concepts are built up from each design sheet & tweaked based on your feedback from the drafts.


Number of Concepts:
Typically 5~20 design concepts produced for the first draft sheet.

Each concept is based on the communication about your project.


Usually the first draft concepts are ready within a few days.
From there the timeframe depends on your feedback.


File types:
Your desired Raster & Vector formats.

Raster for Web Branding & Vector for print.


You own the rights for the final logo delivery package.

See the Design Process Here:

Types Of Logos Available:

Any type or style of logo!
Text, mascot, symbol, emblem, graphic mark, crest, pictograph, colophon, ideogram, logotype, ideograph, heraldry, typeface, icon, wordmark and more!