Rainheart Designs Logo

1. First Draft Concepts

First draft concepts based on the original conversation for the logo design, contents and elements.

The logo style is tapered to your specific needs.

2. Second Draft Concepts

Second draft concepts based on feedback from the selected design/elements of the first draft.

3. Finalizing Concepts / Tweaking

Third draft final tweaking/stylizing.

4. Final Design

Final stylized design.

1. Logo Consultation

Your instructions can be as detailed or vague as you like.


Talk about your business type / style / target audience.

2. Logo Market Research

Making sure your logo will be as unique as your business.


We review your project or brands image in terms of design, taking in to account your requests verses similar visuals used in your field so that you can avoid brand confusion.

3. Logo Design Process:

How logos are made:

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Other Popular Options:

  • 3D Model - 3D Model of your logo.
  • Laser Cut Logo - Optimization for logo laser cutting / printing.
  • Embroidered Logo - Optimization for embroidery.
  • 3d Render - Artwork of your logo done in 3d as an image or animation.
  • Artistic Render - Complimenting graphics or art to accompany your logo for promotion.
  • Related Design - Other related graphics such as headers, stylized borders and brackets.
  • Logo Animation - Animations for video intros & More.

All Logos Look However You Want!

Our logos are custom designed to fit your desired image!


Market Research

Standard Logo Package


Our standard logo branding package includes:

Design consultation, print optimized vector files, raster for web branding, market research, multiple concept sheet drafts created / adjusted based on your feedback.